The Iso-Lounge chair on a large rug and surrounded by book shelves.


by Jasper Morrison

The Iso-Lounge chair photographed in a room with wooded floor

Iso-lounge is a cantilevered design manufactured from engineered plywood, which offers unparalleled strength, support and comfort, coupled with an elegant and practical aesthetic. Developed over 18 months at the Isokon+ London workshop by Morrison and the Isokon+ team, the chair, though seemingly simple in form, pushes the technical performance of plywood as a material.

Rough paper sketches of the Iso-Lounge chair
A large workbench in the workshop with three Iso-Lounge chairs on it during manufacturing
A wall with tools hanging on it in a workshop, and a trolley with wood laminate on it.
A rough sketch of the Iso-Lounge chair
Limited edition Isokon poster showing a graphic representation of the Iso-Lounge chair and the Isokon logo
Limited Edition Print by Jasper Morrison.
19cm x 26cm. £45.00 + shipping.
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The Iso-Lounge chair photographed on a white background




Oak/Beech ply



A large machine in the workshop